List of all Kurdish TV and Radio Frequencies

This table shows all frequencies used for transmitting data to and from earth observation satellites or for microwave active or passive remote-sensing. Television channels (frequencies) for digital television are the same as for analog television. This also means that the same antennas can be used to watch DVB-T signals. Of course, in some cases you will have to upgrade your antenna system in order to receive digital terrestrial television because DVB-T transmitters may transmitt on a different channel which you may not receive with the existing installation. But in general the same VHF/UHF antennas are used. Below you can find Kurdish TV channel frequencies as used in Europe, Nilesat, Yahsat and Hotbird.

3ABN Kids Live Rastawxo
11842 MHz 22000 3/4 H
Kurdmax HD Kurmanci Live Rastawxo
Nilesat 12729 V DVB-S MPEG-4 HD 1080 27500 5/6
Astera Sport Live Rastawxo
Tayba TV Live Rastawxo
Islam Channel Live Rastawxo
Peace TV Live Rastawxo
11448.46 MHz Symbol Rate: 27500 2/3 V
NRT Arabic HD Live Rastawxo
Nilesat H:10971 - 27500
Payam TV Live Rastawxo
Nilesat 11354-S:27500-FEC 3/4 V
IRIB Shabake 3 Live Rastawxo
11603 H DVB-S2/8PSK 9720 3/4
Türkmeneli TV Live Rastawxo
Turksat 4A 12009 V 4444 3/4 Noorsat 11137 H 27500 3/4

What is Satellite Frequency

There are variety of frequency ranges in use in satellite communications like C, X, Ku, ka and even EHG and V-band. to stop interference caused by multiple sites transmission on a similar frequencies, government agencies and standards organizations round the globe attempt to keep the usage organized and sometimes such controls take the shape of presidency rules that carry the burden of law.

In the us, the Federal Communications Commission sporadically holds frequency auctions to sell out there spectrum. Unauthorized use of regulated frequencies while not authorization by the us government or by its current lease-owner is punishable by fines or jail time.

Earth stations use unregulated frequencies inside their facilities. Earth stations got to manipulate and transport the information within the signal while not busybodied with different radio communications within the space. The frequencies earth stations use square measure usually within the same ranges as native radio and tv broadcasts which might cause interference for each parties though they're not on a similar frequency. Thus, radio shacks and/or the devices inside them square measure heavily protected to stop such interference.

Satellites use totally different, higher frequencies that square measure regulated. At the engineering level, there's what's called facet band that is frequency spectrum that's put aside to make a separation between frequencies to stop transmissions mistreatment adjacent frequencies from busybodied with one another.

Satellites have power and restrictive restrictions governing that frequencies they'll use. additionally, there square measure different needs like weather that will prohibit use of sure frequencies. Below may be a chart listing the approximate ranges of every waveband.