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TV Name: Cihan TV HD
Frequency: DVBT-2
Facebook page:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07507066330

CIhan HD TV is a Kurdish Multimedia TV Channel. Based in Erbil Kurdistan.
Broadcast on DVB-T System in Iraqi Kurdistna Erbil.

  • Cihan TV is one of the Cihan Group’s project, which is used as advertising and general TV station by Cihan Group.
  • Cihan Group’s Companies:
  • Cihan Bank
  • Cihan University – Erbil
  • Cihan University – Sulaimaniyah
  • Cihan Charitiy
  • CIhan City – Erbil
  • CIhan Tea
  • Cihan Hospital
  • CIhan Cars – Toyota Iraq

You are about to become part of the distinguished tradition of Cihan University whether you are seeking to attend an academic program or improve your career potential or enrich your life through education. Cihan University is the right choice.
More than merely engaging minds, what we do at Cihan University engages the whole person. Our mission asserts that education should never be confined to the classroom. Cihan University is committed to the ideal of developing one’s total self – intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.
At Cihan University we encourage you to share your inspirations, grow in ways you have never imagined and search the pinnacle of your personal and professional dreams.
Although Cihan University is a new university, it develops rapidly! My vision as a founder of this institution is to see it among the finest universities in Middle East offering accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in most fields! Soon, Cihan University will expand its academic programs to medical studies, opening the first Teaching Hospital in the country.

As the Founder of Cihan University, I welcome you and wish you all the best.

Dr. Nawzad Yahya Bajger

What is is an online web-platform that designed for watching online Kurdish TV Channels through internet without having a traditional Television. Easily open and watch Kurdish Channels!

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